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To create a common platform for Govt., institutions, academia, NGOs and businesses to discuss sustainable development and green technology.

To encourage the discussion on topics of climate change, disaster risk, sustainability, technical options for mitigation, economic implication of change and PPP model for climate actions.

To inspire and motivate sustainability thought leaders and practitioners with high level and expert speakers.

Understanding the vastness and conceptual depth of above mentioned topics.

INNOVATION :- Green innovators, academia an demonstrating green innovations technologies

PEOPLE :- "Giving the Street Back to People" and bringing community on a platform to support Climate Action.

LIFESTYLE :- Promoting a healthy, sustainable and green lifestyle

HAPPY STREET :- To involve masses and to spread awareness regarding the impacts and urgency to act on climate change.


The conference aims to provide a global experience-sharing platform. Synergizing with the objectives of 'Vibrant Gujarat 2oti, this platform would bring together leading players - from across the globe - to showcase innovations along the complete RE value-chain that potentially could help economy take altogether different trajectory through a sustainable, renewable energy route. In the process it not only consolidates Gujarat's leadership position but it also provides a channel for knowledge flow.


Comprehensive event on Renewable Energy


Developing an arena for promoting interaction among industries, researchers, analysts and practitioners


To create a platform for B2B, B2C and B2G interaction for various environmental initiatives and technological options


Strengthening a sense of 'community engagement' to spread awareness about sustainable development and green initiatives

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Gujarat’s policy-driven ethos, world-class infrastructure, skilled human resources, safety and security provide the perfect environment for growth and development.

Shri Vijaybhai R. Rupani
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat